Home Student 2019 Home & Student 2019 : Installation

In the year 2019 Microsoft introduced Home Student 2019 so that much basic work can be completed by the students at home. This package was built for basic work such as making simple spreadsheets, Presentations, and simple word documents by the students to perform in their schools. If you have a Pc at your home without having this application installed then install it right now as given below. Keep your eye constant on the content given below so that none of the points should miss out of your sight. Let's talk to the point about how can you start with the basic knowledge for installing Microsoft Office setup home & student 2019 on your PC. 3 Step process to follow:

Visiting the Office website and creating an account home & student 2019
  • For performing the task in the heading, Open a quick browser on your Pc.
  • Search for Microsoft office setup home student 2019 name in the search bar Navigate to the first site appearing.
  • Drag your mouse pointer to the right upper corner to locate the account creation tab Once located click on it.
  • First, it will show you a sign in the tab then by clicking on the create one button it will navigate you to the account creation page.
  • Here the following information will be mandatory for you to fill i.e. Email address/ mobile number/ Microsoft account, password, full name with Date of birth, and country of residence.
  • Microsoft will perform some security tests to catch your reality score and a lot of the account sooner or later depending on the test.
  • If the test goes proper then your account creation is confirmed and the account creates automatically.
  • Then Email address works as your Username and The strong password as your Pin. These will be the login details to log in to your account.

Downloading the office software

  • When you sign in to your account after creating it then follow the given steps.
  • You will see a search bar in the right corner of your window.
  • Search for home & student 2019 in the search bar.
  • Now click on the product appearing first on your screen from the list of many.
  • Then click on the buy now button.
  • Then enter the card details, select the product as per your requirement and click on the checkout button.
  • After entering the OTP your order will placeĀ  and the home and student 2019 sends an email on.
  • your mail about the product key.
  • Note down the office product key.
  • Now go to the downloads section of the same dashboard.
  • Click on the product purchased earlier.
  • Select the version of software you require according to the system of your Pc.
  • Generally, select the Recommended version..
  • Click on the download button. Here the download starts and a file of around 5-6 MB will download on the Pc.

Installing the downloaded home student 2019

  1. After the successful download of the file on your PC, extract it if necessary.
  2. After the extraction go to the extracted folder and search for the setup file.
  3. The setup files are generally visible at last of all the files.
  4. Click twice on the office setup file with the help of the mouse.
  5. The windows in the faded shade pops-up asking for the software to make changes to your device.
  6. Then click on the Yes button for the official application to make changes on your PC.
  7. Now select the language of the installer setup as well as the software to install.
  8. The next step appearing asks you to Install Or Repair Or Customise.
  9. Select the Install button. If you want the renew the old version to switch to the new version then select the repair button.
  10. Now enter the exact match of the office product keycode you noted down from the email sent by Microsoft after purchasing the office toolkit.
  11. After entering click on the continue button.
  12. The verification process will run and on the next page, tick the agreement checkbox and click on install.
  13. The installation will start and after some time the office toolkit will be present on your Pc.
  14. Enjoy making spreadsheets, Presentations, and word documents using Office setup home & student 2019.